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The Landscape Garden

Posted at the Backyard:

“No definition had spoken of the Landscape-Gardener, as of the poet; yet my friend could not fail to perceive that the creation of the Landscape-Garden offered to the true muse the most magnificent of opportunities. Here was, indeed, the fairest field for the display of invention, or imagination, in the endless combining of forms of novel Beauty; the elements which should enter into combination being, at all times, and by a vast superiority, the most glorious which the earth could afford”.

— Edgar Allen Poe – “The Landscape Garden”

Thursday Night Blues – Boozers are Losers!

Thursday, September 23, 8:00pm EDT!

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Here’s the link for 9/23

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TNBAS – Sept. 30 2021 -No More Interviews, Kevin!

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