Attack on the Airbase

January, 1942 – Staraya Russa, South of Leningrad

Demyansk Pocket, 1942

Staraya Russa – January 7, 1942 – As part of the Russian Winter Offensive against Army Group North, elements of Morozov’s 11th Army Attacked the German 16th Army’s 10 Corps south of Lake Ilmen. A number of Ski Battalions crossed the Frozen surface of Lake Ilmen and penetrated the German rear up to 30 miles.*
* The Russo-German War 1941-45 – Albert Seaton p.245

Victory Conditions: The Soviets win by disabling the airbase by exploding a demolition charge on the runway. The Germans win by avoiding the Soviet Victory conditions.

Special Rules: The following special rules are in effect:

61. 1 Snow Doubles Movement costs for Infantry, Trucks, and Jeeps. AFV movement is not affected.
61.2 Movement through Road hexsides is not affected.
61.4 Minefield dice rolls get +! modifier.
111.81 Troops or Vehicles with Snow Smocks get +1 DRM

Ski Troops:
114.3 Ski Troops can be Afoot or On Skis.
114.4 Ski Troops can switch between Afoot and On Skis. Skis to Afoot = Free; Afoot to Skis +2MF
114.5 Movement cost while On Skis is 1MF for all Terrain.
114.51 Uphill add 2MF
114.6 Downhill subtract 2MF

Germans Set up First
Russians Move first.

German Set up:
Minefields – Set mines on any hexes on Board 12 or 14.
Airport Defense – Set up on southern half of Board 14 around Airport.
Patrol – Set up on Boards 12 or 14 South of the Cemetery (Rows A-U)

Russian Set Up:
Partisans – Set up inside Cemetery using Hidden Initial Placement.
Ski Troops – Start on Turn 1 with Skis Mounted on any 4th or 5th Level Hex on Hill Y6.