Viking Raider Help Page

Welcome to Viking Raider Help!

Here are some tips on how to get going Posting and Adding Content to the Site.

WordPress Editors

As a Member of the Viking Raider Community you are in effect an “Editor” of a WordPress Web Site. This comes with a lot of power and with it a lot of responsibility. As an Editor you can Create, Edit, and Delete Posts and Pages, so be mindful of other people’s work!

Logging In and Your House

Figure 1 – Viking Raider Home Page

The first thing you need to do at Viking Raider is to log into your account. Once you log in you should go to your Profile Page and Change your Password.

Figure 2 – Login

After successfully logging in you will be taken to your “House“. Each member of the Community has a House to post their own personnel stuff. At the top of your House page is a Menu Button and large buttons to take you to your favorite “Places” in the Community. As an Editor you are free to Add, Edit, and Remove these buttons at any time.

Figure 3 – My House with Menu Button
Figure 4 – Menu Items
Figure 5 – Buttons

Viking Raider Places

Viking Raider “Places” are where the Community share their creativity and experiences. Unlike many Social Media Sites, Viking Raider Places can be visited by anyone on the Internet, not just by Community Members.

Figure 6 – Viking Raider Places

Editing Pages and Posts

Figure 7 – Edit Menu Button
Figure 8 – Edit Menu Items
Figure 9 – Editing a Page
Figure 10 – Adding a New Block to a Page
Figure 11 – Choose Image
Figure 12 – Upload File
Figure 13 – Select Image
Figure 14 – Done!