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Facebook Locked my Account because I criticized Vladimir Putin!

“Vladimir Putin is waging a War of Aggression, which is a Nuremberg offense.
Putin should be arrested, tried as a War Criminal, and if found guilty, hanged like the other Nazis at Nuremberg!”

To all Social Media Users:

Feb. 27, 2022 – Final Facebook Post

I’m posting one more pic of my finished Bird Condo because I have friends who like the pics I post of birds, that is when Facebook lets them see them.

My Facebook account was locked for 2 days because I criticized Vladimir Putin! The censors at Facebook are not all that smart, and they seem to be historically illiterate, probably because their heads are filled with Woke nonsense, hate, and neo-racism! You need look no further than the ridiculous social justice Facebook TV ads where the employees were more afraid of offending someone than writing quality code and protecting people’s freedom of speech!

The point I was trying to make in my Post was that Vladimir Putin is waging a War of Aggression, which is a Nuremburg offense! Nazi General Alfred Jodl was convicted of Waging a War of Aggression and other War Crimes at Nuremberg, and the PUNISHMENT meted out to him would be suitable for anyone convicted of the same crimes. I guess that word automatically connects me to some conspiracy theory involving a former vice president and I am therefore some kind of white supremacist! It’s all nonsense, hate, and neo-racism!

Facebook can censor me if they want by preventing me from posting, but the punishment continues, and is more insidious! After my ability to communicate with my friends on Facebook was restored, I find out that my posts are then automatically lowered in the rank of my friends’ news feed. If one of my friends has a lot of other friends, they may never scroll down far enough to see my post. I always thought it was first in first out, and the latest post appears at the top of mine and my friends’ news feed.

This is the last straw!

Who the hell does Facebook think they are that they can tell my friends which of my posts they should look at!

I have been blocked before and I didn’t think much of it, but now I understand why I go for long periods of time posting some of the best bird pics I’ve ever taken, and get no likes from friends who always like them! It also explains why I go for long periods of time never seeing posts from some of my more controversial friends.

VikingRaider.com is coming along and I have a few friends that have posted pics, and I have been using it for documenting my creatine endeavors, something that has become lost on Facebook.

I also have a paid Zoom account for anyone who joins, and I’m looking into Instant Messenger and better Notifications for Posts. I’ll probably leave this Facebook account up for a while as a signpost for others, and for testing integration from VikingRaidedr.com.

MySpace – Been there, done that!
Facebook – Been there done that!

See you at the next stop, hopefully without big brother this time!
Signing off,

Feb. 26, 2022

Facebook locked my account because I criticized the War Criminal Vladimir Putin. I removed all content and left a single post asking others to do the same, and a message that Facebook is evi

Sept. 8, 2021

Facebook and Twitter have every right to control who says what on their web sites UNTIL they began doing the bidding of the government, and more importantly, began favoring one political party over the other in an attempt to take and control power. At that point they became tools of tyranny, and must be stopped!

The current Humanitarian Disaster in Afghanistan is all the evidence needed to see the danger of Censoring Free Speech. Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook are guilty of both manipulating and concealing the truth from the American public about issues critical to choosing their government officials. The result is a Senile, Incompetent, and Feckless President who is surrounded by sycophants and who lashes out in anger over the slightest criticism, even though he presides over perhaps the greatest military and political blunder in American History.

What may have started out harmless enough, with people sharing pictures of food and vacations, has morphed into a colossus of political power and influence, and the grip they hold on their user base approaches a narcotic addiction.

People have “Friends” lists with hundreds of people they have never met, and say things that they would never say to someone’s face. It’s almost like an “Informational Road Rage” where you curse and yell at the faceless person in the other car until you get in an accident and realize it’s a real person who might need your help!

Unfortunately, Real Friends are also caught up in the mess. When typing a passionate post early in the morning, the fact is lost that you are essentially getting up at a Party and yelling to the entire crowd of friends gathered before you. There are a lot of things that you wouldn’t say, and other things that you shouldn’t say, that go out from your electronic soapbox to everyone! Worst of all, you don’t make Real Friends on Facebook, you only lose them!

The end result of all these “Friends” interacting in an increasingly divided political climate is a complete Loss of Civility! Now the things that people wouldn’t say or shouldn’t say are replaced with personal attacks and insults.

The old idiom has never been truer: A lie travels around the world before the truth gets out of bed! People post and re-post things they never bother to verify, and when it’s finally questioned, the truth seekers, which are a tiny minority, are savagely attacked!

My personal journey on Facebook also started out harmless enough, however my friends list soon swelled to over 500 people, most of whom I never met. Then came a period of “Drive-By” posts attacking me for a thoughtful reply to a friends post that I just happened to know a lot about. As the political climate in America degenerated, so did my experience with Facebook.

Then I had this brilliant idea; I’d whittle down my friends list to people I only know. The whittling down the list was costly in some respects. Along with people I didn’t know, I “Un-Friended” some real friends whose posts I just would rather not see. That was sometimes mistaken as not wanting to be Real Friends, and came with it’s own consequences.

Finally with the list down to real friends who’s opinions didn’t bother me so much I entered into a relatively good period where I was back to posting pictures of birds, food, and music videos, and replying to my friends posts with jokes and banter.

Then the 2020 election hit, and the censorship and misinformation went full bore! The Chester County Board of Elections told me explicitly that my Ballot in the 2020 Presidential Election was “Lost of Stolen”! When I posted about it on Facebook, my posts were either tagged with inaccurate “Fraud Alerts” or just simply removed.

At this point, my anger and attention turned to Facebook, and not necessarily my list of Friends. A lot of posts I made were simply to see what reaction I could elicit out of Facebook. There were also a lot posts containing lies and misinformation that take seconds to post but hours to debunk!

Finally, August 2021! I blame the ineptitude and callousness of, among other things, leaving millions of Afghan Girls and Women to be raped by the Taliban on Joe Biden, but I blame Facebook for Joe Biden!

I can no longer in good conscience be a part of Facebook. I will be saving my pictures and videos and de-activating my account in the coming days. If all goes according to plan, I will be deleting my Facebook Account in a couple weeks.

I set up Viking Raider as an alternative Social Media Site and created some accounts, but it never really caught on with anyone. I removed all those accounts and will create a new one for you if you are still interested. In the meantime, I will be getting back to posting pictures of Birds and Food, and Music Videos, and any thoughtful writing I’d like to do on VikingRaider.com.