Viking Raider Home

Welcome to Viking Raider
Community Based Social Media!

The Concept of is to build a site with a Community of Friends, where the site is built and policed by the Community!

The Community will be made up of “Real Friends” so the level of decorum will be higher than with other Social Media sites!

Video Chat will play a significant role in the Community so people can keep in touch and things can be said “Face-to-Face”!

The Viking Raider Community has “Places” in the where everyone can place Photos, Videos, and other Content to be shared with all..

Each member of the Community also has their own “House”. Your House is where your personal preferences and setting are maintained. You can also create stuff at your House before you are ready to take it out to the Community.

Self-Policing of the Community is done with the “Plebi-site” where Community Decisions can be raised and Voted on by the Community, whether it is the Best Clam Chowder Recipe, or whether to suspend or eject a user for questionable or offensive behavior.

Contact to get yourself an account, and if you already have an account, welcome aboard!