The Clouds of Battle – Chapter 3

The High Seas, 1720.  Another bird had found itself a meal… a large fish and was perched high atop the main mast of a great sailing ship.  Again, an envious position for the man staring up from below.  It has been 3 months on the dreadful journey and what little food remained was going bad.  “Oh, how I wish I had something to eat…  and when will I finally be Free”!

“This way Covenwald”!

A large man in a powdered wig wearing a slightly tattered British Uniform was giving the orders.

“Just because your father was friends with William Penn, Covenwald, doesn’t mean you can afford an expensive Voyage to the New World.”

“Yes sir, is there something you wanted”?

“Besides your land?”  the man laughs.

“Yes.  That bird you are looking at means we shall soon be to port.  You and the other servants will need to be ready.  We should arrive in Philadelphia tomorrow”!

Covenwald was the son of William Penn’s juror, and inherited a tract of land in Pennsylvania given to his father by William Penn himself.  The elder Covenwald had died penniless, and never lived to see his land.  The younger Covenwald was intent to claim his birthright, but hadn’t the resources to make it happen.

“Are you sure you won’t reconsider?  Your land for your Freedom in the new world”?

Covenwald had entered into a term of Indentured Servitude with the former Colonel in order to pay for his trip to America.  The Colonel often mocked Covenwald about paying his debt with all or part of his land in Pennsylvania.

“It’s Ironic, Covenwald, a Year’s Pay is what your father was fined by the King for allying himself with Penn”!

“A year’s service is generous of you sir”.

Covenwald tried to make sure to stay on the Colonel’s good side.  The Colonel had fought with the Duke of York against the Swede’s and Dutch to claim New Jersey for the Crown, and was outraged to hear that the land was given to William Penn.  He would want nothing more than to take that land back!

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