Welcome to Viking Raider
Community Based Social Media!

Now that Social Media has become a cesspool of hate, censorship, and misinformation, it’s time to take back our freedom. Viking Raider can’t help everyone, but at least it can help some real friends keep in touch and share their experiences, thoughts, and dreams, without Big Brother looking over our shoulders.

The Concept of VikingRaider.com is to build a site with a Community of Friends, not Individuals, where the site is built and policed by the Community, and not Big Brother!

The Community will be made up of real friends so the level of decorum will be higher than with complete strangest posing as “Friends”!

Video Chat will play a significant role in the Community so things can be said “to your face”!

The “Plebi-site” is where Community Decisions can be raised and Voted on by the Community, whether it is the Best Clam Chowder Recipe, or whether to suspend or eject a user for questionable or offensive behavior.

Viking Raider Places


The Plebi-site is the heart of the Viking Raider Concept! All Community Decisions can be Voted on at the Plebi-site, and therefore implemented with agreement of the Community, and not anyone else! Political discussions can be held at the Plebi-site only, and Political content can be booted from other Places in Viking Raider and sent to the Plebi-site for further discussion, or the Trash Can!

Elections – Elections can be impromptu or regularly scheduled and are set up in the Plebi-site. Officers can be elected to oversee the different areas, either for a specific time period or until another election is held.

Your House

Your House is where your personal preferences and setting are maintained. You can also create stuff at your House before you are ready to take it out to the Community.

Your House also has a TV, where you can just sit back and watch all the activity going on in the Community!


The Market is where the Community Users can buy, sell, and trade amongst each other, and if the Community agrees, other eCommerce sites can be linked.


The Theatre is where Music and Entertainment lives, and pages for Band pictures and Collaboration areas for Musicians can be created.


The Museum is for Art that is not Music or Live Entertainment. Photographs, Videos, and other Artwork can be posted.