Save Ukraine!

The Hungarian border with Western Ukraine:

Territory ceded to Putin in West Ukraine by NATO inaction! The Russian tanks will no longer need to fight their way through the Carpathian Mountains to get to Hungary and Central Europe! Call this the first military blunder of WW3!

The West Ukraine Strategy for NATO.

Before it’s too late, the territory in Western Ukraine west of the Dneister River, representing a dangerous salient into NATO countries, should be declared a new independent country, “West Ukraine”, and immediately recognized and admitted to NATO.
Recognizing West Ukraine removes the dangerous salient, saves millions of lives, and puts the responsibility of Nuclear Brinksmanship back on Putin.
With the salient into NATO countries, Poland will now need to defend it’s southern border in addition to it’s eastern, Romania will be vulnerable from the north, and most insidious of all, Russia will have a beachhead on the west side of the Carpathian Mountains just 25 miles from the Hungarian border!
The Carpathian Mountains were an obstacle to tanks, but the Russians will soon be able to set their tanks up west of the mountains with supply lines protected by the mountains with defenses commanding the high ground!

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