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Never Had a Chance  

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2013 by VikingRaider.com

Lyrics by John F Bergin,

Arrangement by John F Bergin and Duffy DaVee


Well, my old man taught me all that he could,

But look at me now, it didn't do me no good.

My poor mama tried but she cried all night,

Her little baby boy is now a terrible sight.


Cause I never had a Chance

No, I never had a Chance,

Yeah, I never had a Chance,

Never had a Chance


Well, they sent me to school and they did their best,

But the teachers knew I wasn't like the rest.

Detention, suspension, and then I'm expelled,

If you want my opinion it's just as well.




Well, a man like me never had a chance,

But no one can say I never took a stance.

Lyin' and Cheatin' got me here today,

And livin' on the edge is where I plan to stay.





Copyright 2013 by John F. Bergin.  All rights reserved.