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Coffee Filter Song

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By VikingRaider.com

© 2013 by John F. Bergin and Duffy DaVee

Lyrics by John F Bergin,

Arrangement by John F Bergin and Duffy DaVee


E Boogie


I woke up this morning,

and I went for a pour.

But much to my amazement,

there wasnít anymore



The Coffee Filterís Crooked.

Yeah, The Coffee Filterís Crooked.

The Coffee Filterís Crooked, itís all over the floor.

Itís makiní such a mess I canít take anymore.



Itís a half past seven,

and Iím headiní out the door.

I need that cup,

Wonít you give me some more... But the Coffee Filterís Crooked...




I pulled into the coffee shop,

lookiní to score.

but then they told me ďSorry SirĒ!

ďWe donít got anymore...  Our Coffee Filterís Crooked...





When I die and go to heaven,

I wonít worry no more.

They have much better coffee,

Than I get at the store.



Copyright © 2013 by John F. Bergin.  All rights reserved.