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Bugger of a Wind

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By VikingRaider.com

© 2013 by John F. Bergin and Duffy DaVee

Lyrics by John F Bergin,

Arrangement by John F Bergin and Duffy DaVee  

Featuring Kirk Wilson on Guitar!



It was a bugger of a wind, boys, a bugger of a wind.

That drove my lovely lady, to the arms of Randy Flynn.

A bugger of a wind, boys, a bugger of a wind.

I drank myself to drunkenness, and had another gin.


Verse 1:

I was walkin’ on the Boardwalk, and came to St. James Place.

I met a lovely Lady, with a very lovely face.

We went inside the local pub, and had ourselves a drink.

There we met one Randy Flynn, my heart began to sink.




Verse 2:

Well, the <blank> hit the shillelagh, when I had a Rock and Rye.

She walked out with Randy Flynn, and didn’t say goodbye.

I followed them down the street, and much to my dismay

She was a lady of the evening who was working in the day.




Verse 3:

I went back inside the pub and ordered up a drink,

Sometimes it’s better just to sit, and not to try to think.

And after all is said and done, it was plain for me to see.

She’d been picked, more times than, the Rose of Tralee.



Copyright © 2013 by John F. Bergin.  All rights reserved.