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Senior Software Engineer                                                                                                                                                                                                          

A Senior Software Developer, Tester, and Quality Assurance Engineer with 25 years professional experience is seeking

a challenging position with a company committed to delivering quality software.

Key Skills Include:

   Software Engineering

    Software Quality Assurance

    Software Test Automation

    3D Graphics, Animation, and Computer Game Development

    Software Performance and Capacity Testing

    Win7 and DirectX 11 Experience

    DirectX 9/10/11 and Xbox Software Development and Testing

    Visual Studio 2008, 2010, Team System, Visual C++, and Visual C#

    32-bit and 64-bit, Multi-Threaded Programming

    HP LoadRunner, Microsoft MITA - Automated Test Software


Published Artwork - November 2008 DirectX SDK

    DirectX 10 Sample Artwork - MeshFromOBJ10


Published Game Title: - Viking Raider, 2004

    Real-time 3D Internet Based Multiplayer PC Game


Published Applications:

Virtual Golf Course, 2005

    Topographical Information System for Golf Course Facilities Management

Virtual Fredericksburg, 2005

    Real-time animated map of The Battle of Fredericksburg.


Software Experience:

   Operating Systems Windows XP, Vista, Win7, UNIX, Linux, VMS, DOS

    Languages - Visual C++, Visual C#, .Net Framework, XML, ASP, HTML, PL/SQL, Microsoft DirectX 9/10/11, Oracle Pro-C, Fortran

    DatabasesOracle, Microsoft Access, SQL Server

    ToolsPIX, Visual Studio Team System, Mita, LoadRunner, WinRunner, Test Director, Clear Case, Clear Quest, Gemini, Product Studio, Source Depot

Hardware Experience:

    Sun, SGI, HP, and IBM UNIX Servers, PC's, and PC Networks.

Employment History:

(7/06 – 3/10) Microsoft Corporation – XNA Professional Game Platform, Performance Tools Team

Contract - Lead Software Design Engineer

Series of contracts with Volt Technical Services as a Developer and Tester for the Xbox and DirectX Professional Game Platform Team. Responsible for testing and approval for release of PIX (Performance Investigator for Xbox) and PIX for Windows.  Developed, Tested, and Trained Microsoft personnel on the Maintenance and Operation of PIX for Windows Test Automation - Automated Command Line and User Interface tests including Data Generation and Validation, Automated Sanity Test, and Detailed Functional Tests.  100% Quality Success Record over 11 Product Releases as Lead Tester!  Developed Graphics Software with Visual Studio using the Xbox Development Kit (XDK) and the DirectX Software Development Kit (SDK) to test PIX on Windows XP, Vista, and Win7 Operating Systems with 32-bit and 64-bit chipsets.  DirectX 11 and Multi-Threaded programming Experience.  Tested Windows based games on the PC and Xbox games on the Xbox Development Console. Development of C# Automation Test Software using Microsoft’s Team System for Testers.  Automated testing of User Interface with Microsoft Mita.  Automated software build and installation procedures.  Japanese and English Localization Testing.  Bug tracking and resolution using Microsoft Product Studio.


(2/06 – 6/06) eMagin Corporation

Software Design Engineer

Development of Visual C++ and C#.Net Application Programming Interface for eMagin's Software Development Kit which allows client game developers the ability to connect to eMagin's virtual reality headset.  Development of static and dynamic link libraries for SDK. Development of low-level interface to the on board EEPROM via USB interface. Worked closely with Firmware developers to reduce access time of EEPROM resident data by 50%. Created SDK sample programs in Win32 and .Net to enumerate device data, implement 3D stereo-vision in conjunction with DirectX, and to use the on board motion sensor. Development of Gesture Analysis software to convert head movements into game commands, including moving average curve smoothening, and double integration algorithms to convert acceleration data into head tracker positions. Lead for ISO-9000 software quality process development.  Defined and implemented Change Management process, Build and Test process, and Requirements Analysis and Design process. Approved the acquisition of Gemini defect tracking software, and configured the system as administrator.


(3/00 – 2/06) Carriage House Productions, LLC

President and Manager of Technical Development

Created Small Business specializing in the development of 3-Dimensional video game software for the PC using Visual C++, Visual C#, Microsoft DirectX, Java, HTML, XML, and Active Server Pages (ASP).  Primary application was Viking Raider, a real-time 3D, Internet-based multi-player military strategy game.  Responsible for all technical development including conceptual design and requirements analysis, software detailed design, technical research, coding, test planning and application testing. Additional applications included a 3D web-based Grocery Shopping Cart program, Digital Elevation Model (DEM) translators and topography viewers, and company web site including online store and credit card authorization.  Developed company Business Plan and Project Plans.  Registered Viking Raider trademark with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Short Term Contracts during Viking Raider Project (2001 – 2005): 


(5/05 – 8/05) Compri Consulting, Inc.

Contract - Senior Software Engineer

Contract with Jeppesen Sanderson testing their proprietary QA Web Tool, a web based tool used internally to process and cleanup flight navigation data for conversion and release to their customers.  Created test documentation and conducted tests in Unix and PC environments, using Oracle PL/SQL and Perl.  Assisted with design and implementation of in-house load and regression testing tools.  Tracked development status using Rational Clear Quest.  Created documents and reports for use in DO200A flight data certification.


(11/04 – 1/05) Great West Life

Contract - Quality Assurance Analyst

Contract with Analysts International Corporation validating and testing data conversion from existing legacy systems to a new web based productivity tool.  Manual and Black Box testing of different systems and converted data.  Documented results and provided feedback to developers, testers, and management for tracking the status and quality of the conversion effort.


(2/01 – 3/01) Sun Microsystems

Contract - Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Contract with TechSource to create a comprehensive Test Plan for client’s eCommerce web site.  Created a “Test Strategy” document to analyze the system and identify major subsystems.  Then created “Subsystem Test Plan” documents containing descriptions and Test Cases designed to stress the subsystem and flush out any bugs.  Also created “System Test Plan” document with information pertaining to regression, load, performance, and capacity testing of the entire system.


(10/99 – 3/00) Level 3 Communications

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Developed a “Software Quality Assurance Plan” based on the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model (CMM).  Plan includes process flowcharts for all major disciplines, such as Design, Development, Configuration Management, and Software Testing.  Testing of web-based Telecommunications Provisioning Tool and Geographic Information System (GIS) using Mercury Interactive’s XRunner, WinRunner, and LoadRunner automated test software.


(4/99 - 8/99) Maxim Group

Consultant for Micromedex, Inc.

Y2K Tester - Responsible for Year 2000 readiness testing of Micromedex's web based Toxicology and Occupational Medicine, and Environment Safety (TOMES) software development system.  The purpose of the testing is to assure that the software and data can be built and operated in a Y2K environment.  Configured Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), SQL Server database and ODBC's in a Y2K environment.  Compiled Visual Basic and Visual C++ application software.  Additionally Y2K tested Micromedex's business software, including Expense Reporting, Asset Management, Purchase Order, and Shipping software systems.


(6/98 - 4/99) Maxim Group

Consultant for Time Warner Telecom

Project Test Lead - Responsible for Customer Acceptance, Performance, Capacity, and Implementation Readiness Testing of third party Telecom Business Solution Software.  Developed Test Plans and Test Strategies, WinRunner and LoadRunner Scripts, and supervised the execution of the User Acceptance, Performance and Capacity Tests.  Developed Test Plans and Test Strategies for the Implementation Readiness Test, including verification of the proper operation of all external interfaces.  Developed the Change Management Process Document for Implementation Phase Defect Tracking and Resolution.  Used Test Director Software for Test Planning and as the Central Contact for Defect Tracking.  Provide Status Reports to Upper Management and attend weekly Executive Status meetings.


(3/97 - 6/98)  US WEST Communications

Member, Technical Staff

Development Lead - Responsible for development of enhancements to USWests’ Outside Plant - Facilities Management (OSP-FM)  geographical information system software.  Assignments include enhancements to Symbology, Network Connectivity, and Conversion Tools.


Subject Matter Expert - Vision Symbology Development - Responsible for technology transfer of Vision Symbology Development from System House Ltd. developers to USWest developers.


(2/95 - 3/97)  UGC Consulting

Senior Software Engineer

Project Technical Lead - Responsible for developing and implementing a data conversion/migration system for North Pittsburgh Telephone Company.  Converted Landbase and Network data from an existing Synercom CAD System to GDSnet, an Oracle based automated mapping/facilities management system.  Combined scanning, manual operations and automatic translators to import data, complete with all necessary relationships, to the GDSnet telecommunications data model.


Project Technical Lead - Responsible for the development of various graphics and/or data translation systems.  Derived and documented requirements, documented object oriented design, lead team of engineers in developing code, and documented and directed testing.  Created bi-directional translators to and from GDS formatted graphics files.  Foreign formats include AutoCAD DXF files, Intergraph Microstation DGN and SIF files, and Synercom text files.  Consistently delivered quality software on schedule and within budget.


(12/93 - 2/95)  US WEST Communications

Member, Technical Staff

Project Test Lead - Responsible for the test portion of the Dynamic Network Analyzer project, a knowledge based system for pro-actively maintaining communications network hardware. Created  Project Test Plan, Test Procedures, Schedules, Staffing requirements, and Tracking Metrics.  Supervised execution of test procedures.  Created and Conducted Load and Capacity tests.


Subject Matter Expert - LoadRunner and XRunner, X based load and regression testing tools

System Administrator - Setup network of Sparc 1000 servers and Sparc 10 workstations for a testing suite.  Evaluated and selected performance and regression testing tools.  Installed tools, created custom user environments for using tools, and implemented a backup strategy for the system.


(10/92 - 12/93) CIBER, Inc.

Consultant for US WEST

Project Test Lead - Responsible for the test portion of porting the Integrated Workstation Software (IWS) package to the Silicon Graphics Challenge L server.  IWS is a Graphical User Interface which allows users to use office automation software, send and receive E-mail and office News, and connect to US WEST billing and service order mainframe systems.  Conducted load, stress, performance and capacity tests.  Worked with SGI OS engineers to identify and fix OS level bugs.  Supported the deployment of over 10,000 seats throughout the 14 state region.


Subject Matter Expert - Silicon Graphics Challenge L Server.


(9/88 - 3/92) Martin Marietta Astronautics - Space Systems Company

Senior Software Engineer

Software Design Lead - Responsible for the design of 20,000 lines of code for a simulation system to support such projects as the Hubble Telescope, missions to Mars, and the Space Based Laser.  Designed the software using Cadre Teamwork.  Presented the design to Air Force Officials and gained acceptance.  Created scripts to convert the output from Teamwork into source code modules.


Software Design Lead - Responsible for the design and implementation of a Graphical User Interface for testing rapid prototype electronics modules.  Used advanced techniques such as windowing, animation, screen dumps and interrupt service routines with Turbo C to create a visually pleasing and functional human-machine interface.


(4/85 - 8/88) Honeywell Inc. - Commercial Buildings Group

Control System Engineer

Software Engineer - Responsible for the design and implementation of 10,000 lines of code for a large building automation system.  Involved from concept to final acceptance, with the entire project falling within budget estimates.  Effort included programming 13 distributed processors and 1 centralized building automation system hosted on a super-mini computer.


Applications Engineer - Responsible for designing electric, electronic and pneumatic control systems for commercial HVAC applications.  Applications include chiller, boiler and air handling unit controls.  Other projects involved power monitoring, and fire alarm and security systems.


Other Achievements - Innovatively modified an existing Dbase III ordering system to provide drafters with an electronic copy of the bill of materials for import into AutoCAD, to provide salespersons with a deviation report, and to size air compressors based on the number and air consumption of pneumatic devices.


(1977 - 1984)  Residential Electrician - Various assignments in the Electrical Contracting field.  


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