An Interview

with So Said They

by Zorp

Nectar Lounge October 12, 2006  - During tonight's show I took the opportunity to interview the members of local Seattle band "So Said They".  The band has special significance to me and  It was "So Said They" that was headlining at the Crocodile Cafe that spring night earlier this year when I wandered in with my camera.  Having just moved to Seattle, I was interested in seeing if the reputation the city has for it's original music was for real, and I had heard that many of the "grunge" bands from the nineties got their start by playing at the Croc.  I took a few pics and emailed them to the band.  They enjoyed the pics so much that they invited me to their next show at Chop Suey, got me on the guest list, and gave me a free drink coupon.  If you don't count the drink that I spilled, my total compensation came to about $6, and my career as a professional band photographer began.

Now, 6 months and hundreds of photographs later, I have concluded that the Seattle music scene is indeed for real, and one of the bands that is driving a new and unique genre of music is So Said They.  What might be called "Boundary Rock", So Said They pushes the "boundaries" of their highly amplified electrical instruments, in what major recording artists might be doing if they weren't compelled to behave themselves by their big name record labels.

Being the first interview conducted for, I have asked each band member four pointed questions to help get to the heart of what drives and inspires them to work so hard in and industry notorious for the difficulty of success, in a city with so much musical competition.

1. When did you start playing music?

2. Why did you start playing music?  

3. What are your major influences?

4. What are the last 3 CD's you bought?

Starting with the band's drummer Aaron in what will go down as the first interview ever for me and for, the answers were very interesting and not at all what I was expecting.  Aaron started playing drums in the 5th grade in order to placate his mother who also played drums.  He originally wanted to play the Sax, but the guilt from not following his mother's wishes got the better of him, and he soon found out that he actually liked it.

Aaron's major influences obviously include his mom, but also include a wide range of musical sources.  Jane's Addiction, Steve Miller, ZZ Top, Modest Mouse, and Mogwai are what immediately came to mind, but he admits there are too many to think of in the limited time we had before his performance at the Nectar.  When asked what CD's Aaron last bought, he quickly replied that he buys "records", not CD's.  The three records he last bought also surprised me.  The Country Teasers, Big Business, and The Dipers also represent a wide array of musical interest.

The next interview was with the bands Lead Guitarist, Vocalist, and Keyboard player Keith.  Asked why he started playing the guitar at age 17, Keith replied that he had nothing else to do except drugs, and playing the guitar seemed obvious.  Keith's major influences include John McLaughlin, Miles Davis, and anyone who has taken the time to learn an instrument and play their own stuff.  The last CD's Keith bought are Fugazi ,The Argument, and DNA, DNA on DNA.

The last interview of the night was with the bands other Guitarist and Vocalist, Iris.  The most surprising answer I heard was that Iris only started playing the guitar in 2002, just because her room-mates guitars were laying around.  Her major influences include Sleater-Kinney, Helium, and Blonde-Redhead.  The funniest answer of the night was that Iris doesn't buy CD's, rather she steals music off the internet!

Thanks So Said They for the enjoyable night of music and the excellent interviews.