An Interview

with Department Of Energy

by Zorp

Mars Bar October 20, 2006 / Comet Tavern February 3, 2007 - Department of Energy will be playing at the Comet tonight, in what might be a repeat of one of the best nights of music I've seen since moving to Seattle almost a year ago.  The October 20th show at the Mars Bar with Water Kill The Sun and spanish for 100 was truly a great night of music and fun, and all indications are that it will be repeated tonight when spanish again joins the Department along with The Sea Navy and The Mona Reels at the Comet.

You may be wondering why there are two dates on the tagline of this story.  Life's journey is seldom along a straight line, and what's good and what's not are not always clear.  Being laid off after only four months in Seattle might not appear to be a good thing, but the spare time between job interviews is what got rolling.

I'm happy to say that I eventually landed a dream job at Xbox, developing and testing video games.  Unfortunately, the new job consumed so much of my time and energy that I let the website slip, including writing up the interview with Department of Energy on October 20.  Well, things with my new job have settled down, and I don't want to show up at the Comet tonight without the interview, so here goes...

This was one of the coolest interviews I conducted, after the show at the Mars Bar in the back of the spanish for 100 tour bus.  "It's not much, but it will get us to Tacoma and back".  As with all of my previous interviews, I ask each band member four pointed questions to get to the heart of what drives and inspires them.

1. When did you start playing music?

2. Why did you start playing music?  

3. What are your major influences?

4. What are the last 3 CD's you bought?

The first to undergo the questioning was the bands drummer, Cassady.  When Cassady was three years old his toy car broke, and he was told to pick another toy.  He picked a toy drum set!  By the time he was 5 he had a real drum set, and has been taking lessons ever since.  When asked why he started playing drums, he said "I was 3"!!

Cassady's major influence has been Keith Moon of the Who.  He sites Moon's madness and energy, and the fact that the immortal drummer was buried on his 5th birthday.  Other influences include Robert Pollard, and Guided by Voices (Bee Thousand, Propeller).  The last three CD's Cassady bought (as of October 20th, that is) are Robert Pollard's Normal Happiness, Band of Horses, and the latest from Built to Spill.

The band's keyboard player, Ty, cites his grandma's piano when he was 5 years old and how he thought angels were singing when he heard it.  When he was 8 years old he bought his first piano from a wheat farmer, and remembers playing it under the tarp on the way home.  Ty's musical influences include Bill Evans, Keith Jarret, and Bill Frizelle.  The last 3 CD's he bought are Joey DeFrancesco (which he hates), spanish for 100 (supporting local music), and Tom Waite's Rain Dogs (which he bought for the 6th time, since he keeps losing it or giving it away).

The final interview was with the bands Lead Guitarist and Vocalist Robb.  When Robb was in Junior High he decided that his paper route wasn't cutting it, and he bought himself a drum kit.  He eventually adopted the guitar, claiming he was driven by "the force".  "Some kids do sports, my calling was for music".  His major influences include The Beatles, Jon Brion, Brendan Benson, and The Doors.  The last three CD's he bought are David Bazan, Adem (from the UK), and Water Kill The Sun, which he had just purchased that night. 

I'd like to apologize to the band for taking so long to get this thing done, and thank them for taking the time last October to answer my interview questions.  Tonight should be an excellent show at the Comet, and I would highly recommend everyone to buy the Department Of Energy's CD, it's awesome!